The Choir

The Choir is a sing for pleasure group who meet every other week or every week, as the group decide. They recently sang four songs at the Tenth Birthday Party and a recording of that is available. Please approach a member of the choir if you wish to hear the songs. 

There are not many photographs available but there are a few from their Christmas meeting in December 2011.

December 2011 - Christmas Meeting at The Methodist Church Annexe.             ChoirDec2011.pdf

June 2012 - The Choir performed a concert in the Methodist Church Hall. The hall was very full and everyone enjoyed the concert of songs and readings. The link shows photographs from the event. During July the Choir gave a repeat performance at Briarcroft.                                                                                                       ChoirJuly2012.pdf

Christmas Concert - 13th December 2012                                                        ChoirDec2012.pdf

Summer Concert - 28th June 2013                                                                   ChoirJune2013.pdf

Christmas Concert - 13th December 2013                                                       ChoirDec2013.pdf                                           


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